Crowdfense launches Vulnerability Research Hub for top security researchers


Crowdfense officially launched the Vulnerability Research Hub out of beta. After being internally developed and fine-tuned for several months, Crowdfense opened their process-oriented platform to a wider audience of researchers and brokers interested in trading 0day cyber capabilities, which can be both within the scope of Crowdfense public Bug Bounty Program or freely proposed (for a specific set of key targets).

Crowdfense Vulnerability Research Hub

“This is our next step in standardizing and supporting the development of what has now become a strategic industry,” said Andrea Zapparoli Manzoni, Director of Crowdfense. “This is not a “dark market” anymore. Our platform helps the best researchers in the world to professionally and securely submit, discuss, test, contract and receive enticing payments for their 0day findings, in an ordered and secure way. Early testers have been extremely satisfied by the unique partnership, testing and payment opportunities we provide.”

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