Crimeware and financial cyberthreats in 2023


Every year, as part of the Kaspersky Security Bulletin, we predict which major trends will be followed in the coming year by attackers, who target financial organizations. The predictions, based on our extensive experience, help individuals and businesses improve their cybersecurity and prevent the vast range of possible risks.

As the financial threat landscape has been dramatically evolving over the past few years, with the expansion of such activities as ransomware or cryptofraud, we believe it is no longer sufficient to look at the threats to traditional financial institutions (like banks), but rather assess financial threats as a whole. The cybercriminal market has been developing extensively, with the overwhelming majority of cybercriminals pursuing one goal — financial profit, no matter the source. However, the way they do it varies from year to year, and understanding the changes in their tactics and tools can help organizations improve their security.

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