COVID-19 test lab accused of exposing 1.3 million patient records to open internet


A password-less database containing an estimated 1.3 million sets of Dutch COVID-19 testing records was left exposed to the open internet, and it’s not clear if anyone is taking responsibility.

Among the information revealed in the publicly accessible and seemingly insecurely configured database were 118,441 coronavirus test certificates, 506,663 appointment records, 660,173 testing samples and “a small number” of internal files. A bevy of personally identifiable information was included in the records – including patient names, dates of birth, passport numbers, email addresses, and other information.  

The leaky database was discovered by perennial breach sniffer Jeremiah Fowler, who reckoned it belongs to one of the Netherlands’ largest commercial COVID-19 test providers, CoronaLab – a subsidiary of Amsterdam-based Microbe & Lab. The US Embassy in the Netherlands lists CoronaLab as one of its recommended commercial COVID-19 test providers in the country. 

If someone with malicious intent managed to find the database they could do some serious damage, Fowler warned. 

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