CoralRaider Malware Campaign Exploits CDN Cache to Spread Info-Stealers


A new ongoing malware campaign has been observed distributing three different stealers, such as CryptBotLummaC2, and Rhadamanthys hosted on Content Delivery Network (CDN) cache domains since at least February 2024.

Cisco Talos has attributed the activity with moderate confidence to a threat actor tracked as CoralRaider, a suspected Vietnamese-origin group that came to light earlier this month.

This assessment is based on “several overlaps in tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of CoralRaider’s Rotbot campaign, including the initial attack vector of the Windows Shortcut file, intermediate PowerShell decryptor and payload download scripts, the FoDHelper technique used to bypass User Access Controls (UAC) of the victim machine,” the company said.

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