Contact Tracing: De-mystifying How an App Designed to Track People Can Ensure User Privacy and Security


People silhouette symbols concept with Covid-19 smartphone contact tracing system with red, orange and green alerts

Many governments in many countries around the world recognise that contact tracing plays a very important part to reduce the spread of the deadly disease, COVID-19. In this article, we take a look at the conventional method of contact tracking and comparing it against how technology helps contact tracing and its pro’s and con’s.

Traditional contact tracing is a technique that is used by public health authorities to help slow the spread of a disease. It relies on manually obtaining information from individuals who have been infected and who they have been in contact with. Once individuals have been identified, they are then contacted, and relevant advice can be given. However, this is an onerous process, consuming a lot of manpower and resources and quite often the results are mixed as individuals don’t necessarily remember who they have been in contact within the past days or where they have been.

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