Companies Fail to Encrypt, Protect Data in the Cloud


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Considering that 40% of organizations have fallen victim to a cloud-based breach in the last year, it would seem they would put a premium on safeguarding their data in the cloud.

But the 2021 Thales Global Cloud Security says differently. Most—a whopping 83%—have failed to encrypt even half the sensitive data they have tucked away in the cloud. And if that’s not enough to give pause—just about one-third, or 34%, retain total control over encryption keys.

As cloud adoption continues to rise post-onset of the pandemic, businesses are diversifying the ways they’re using cloud with 57% of those surveyed saying they use two or more providers for their cloud infrastructure, Thales said, citing a McKinsey & Company study that found organizations have accelerated cloud adoption by three years. One in four have moved most of their workloads and data to the cloud—21% say the majority of their sensitive data is now in the cloud.

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