CNN, People, CNBC brands used in pandemic survival book scam


Malicious actors are throwing a twist on the old saying that nothing is ever free by actually scamming people into paying for an item that is available at no cost.

The scammers are once again playing off people’s well-deserved concern over how to survive the COVID-19 pandemic and tying it to several well-known media brands including, CNN, People Magazine and CNBC. Avast is reporting the malicious actors set up several websites hyping the ebook Pandemic Survival. Adding a bit more insult is the book contains tips that are unlikely to be helpful.

The site prices the book at $37 per download and uses a video commercial as a sales tool. Avast has seen more than 10,000 visits to the site so far this month. Avast could not determine how many of the site visitors have fallen for the scam.

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