Clearview Resources Ltd Hit by Cyberattack, Suffers $1.5 Million in Damages


Clearview Resources Ltd, a Canadian energy producer, has recently disclosed details surrounding a cyberattack that incurred a financial setback of US$1.5 million for the company. The revelation of the Clearview cyberattack comes after the initial press statement released on December 6, 2023.

In this press statement, Clearview indicated its awareness of the cyberattack and its commitment to assessing the impact on company operations.

Clearview Cyberattack: Swift Response and System Restoration

The Clearview cyberattack unfolded through the compromise of an internal email address, which was exploited by malicious actors to redirect company funds to a third-party account.

In an updated press statement released in January 2024, Clearview explained, “An internal email address was compromised and used by fraudulent actors to redirect the transfer of certain Company funds to a third-party account, resulting in the loss of US$1.5 million.”

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