CISOs under pressure: Protecting sensitive information in the age of high employee turnover


In this Help Net Security interview, Charles Brooks, Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University’s Applied Intelligence Program and graduate Cybersecurity Programs, talks about how zero trust principles, identity access management, and managed security services are crucial for effective cybersecurity, and how implementation of new technologies like AI, machine learning, and tracking tools can enhance supply chain security.

CISOs believe they have adequate data protection measures, yet many have dealt with the loss of sensitive data over the past year. How do you reconcile this apparent contradiction?

The loss of data despite protection measures is not that surprising. We are all playing catchup in cybersecurity. The internet was invented in a government laboratory and later commercialized in the private sector. The hardware, software, and networks were originally designed for open communication. Cybersecurity initially was not a major consideration. That mindset has surely changed due to the explosion of connectivity and commerce on the internet and CISOs are playing a big game of catch up too.

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