Cisco Hypershield: Security reimagined — hyper-distributed security for the AI-scale data center


Today we introduced the most consequential security product in Cisco’s history: Cisco Hypershield. It’s a cloud-native, AI-powered approach to highly distributed security for AI-scale data centers that’s built into the fabric of the network.

It’s the most radically different security innovation I’ve been a part of in my career. Part of the Cisco Security Cloud, Cisco Hypershield literally turns the network security model upside down, bringing the power of hyperscaler security and connectivity to the enterprise.

Security for the Age of AI

AI is ushering in an era of digital abundance. When every person in every job function has AI assistants and organizations are moving at machine scale, our world of 8 billion will feel like we have the capacity of 80 billion.

To accommodate the additional digital capacity required, our public and private data centers are being reimagined. And Cisco is at the heart of how data centers are being reimagined: how they are connected, how they are secured, how they are operated, and how they are scaled.

And data centers are changing in two major ways. Infrastructure is changing: CPUs are being supplemented with GPUs and DPUs that specialize in functions like AI workload processing and I/O operations at throughput levels that modern AI-scale data centers need. And applications are changing: they’re being broken into thousands of microservices that run in different containers and clouds – highly distributed, all talking to each other.

In this new world, we need to reimagine security at AI scale. And we need to do it now, because this evolution of data centers and applications isn’t waiting for us.

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