CIA traitor spy thrown in the clink for selling secrets to China. Stack Overflow, TeamViewer admit: We were hacked..


Roundup Here’s a quick catch-up of all things infosec beyond what we’ve already reported this week.

Stack Overflow becomes Hack, oh no, no! Popular programmer watering-hole Stack Overflow revealed on Friday it was hacked by a miscreant on May 5. The cyber-intruder was discovered six days later when they tried to gain more privileges on SO’s network, and was booted out.

We’re told the hacker broke into production systems via an insecure development build of the website. The site’s bosses claim no user information was stolen or altered, except…

“While our overall user database was not compromised, we have identified privileged web requests that the attacker made that could have returned IP address, names, or emails for a very small number of Stack Exchange users,” said engineering veep Mary Ferguson, and by small number, she means roughly 250. “Affected users will be notified by us,” Ferguson added.

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