Chrome 70 Lets you Control Automatic Login and Deletes Google Cookies

From bleepingcomputer

It has been a really bad week for Google and Chrome 69. First there was a large outcry about being forced to login to Chrome when you login to or one of their services. Then news came out that when you deleted all of the cookies in Chrome, the browser did not properly remove Google’s own authentication cookies.

Let’s just say Chrome users are not happy. Google, though, appears to be listening and has decided to backtrack on some of these changes in the upcoming Chrome 70, which is slated to be released in the middle of October.

In a blog entry posted today, Chrome product manager Zake Koch explains that even though they introduced these changes with good intentions, based on user feedback they have decided to roll them back and give users more control over how their browser behaves.

“We’ve heard—and appreciate—your feedback,” stated Koch in a blog post. “We’re going to make a few updates in the next release of Chrome (Version 70, released mid-October) to better communicate our changes and offer more control over the experience.”

These changes include a “Allow Chrome sign-in” toggle setting, which will let you disable the automatic sign in to Chrome when you login to a Google service.

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