Chinese Hackers Begin Exploiting Latest Microsoft Office Zero-Day Vulnerability


Microsoft Office Zero-Day Vulnerability

An advanced persistent threat (APT) actor aligned with Chinese state interests has been observed weaponizing the new zero-day flaw in Microsoft Office to achieve code execution on affected systems.

“TA413 CN APT spotted [in-the-wild] exploiting the Follina zero-day using URLs to deliver ZIP archives which contain Word Documents that use the technique,” enterprise security firm Proofpoint said in a tweet.

“Campaigns impersonate the ‘Women Empowerments Desk’ of the Central Tibetan Administration and use the domain tibet-gov.web[.]app.”

TA413 is best known for its campaigns aimed at the Tibetan diaspora to deliver implants such as Exile RAT and Sepulcher as well as a rogue Firefox browser extension dubbed FriarFox.

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