Catch an Internet Catfish with Grabify Tracking Links


Featured on MTV’s Catfish TV series, in season 7, episode 8, Grabify is a tracking link generator that makes it easy to catch an online catfish in a lie. With the ability to identify the IP address, location, make, and model of any device that opens on a cleverly disguised tracking link, Grabify can even identify information leaked from behind a VPN.

Whether it’s an online apartment ad that seems too good to be true or a person online you have a strange feeling about, identifying red flags can save a lot of trouble early on. If you live in Canada, and an IP address in Africa lists the apartment you’re checking out, you might not want to send a security deposit.

The ability to verify details like the originating device, country, or even the time zone can prove incredibly useful for identifying whether a person is honest or not about the details they share about themselves online. Combined with information like EXIF data, it’s easy to compare a geotagged photo or the hard-coded device information in a file against the device that opens a Grabify tracking link.

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