Can Web Security Tools Prevent Data Breaches?


web application security

For most, 2020 will go down in history as the year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The year that everything shut down, jobs were lost and social distancing became the ‘new normal.’ Unfortunately, it was also the year that, as Forbes put it, “broke all records when it came to data lost in breaches and sheer numbers of cyberattacks on companies, government and individuals.”

Even in the first months of 2021, cybersecurity crimes are in the news weekly, it seems. And the scary thing is, cybercrime shows no signs of slowing down. To make matters worse, punishing these cybercriminals is nearly impossible. With many criminals working under the radar and overseas, finding them and bringing them to justice proves difficult. This is in large part due to the struggle that comes with convincing government officials in cybercriminals’ home countries to cooperate with investigations.

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