ByteDance-HIDS – A Cloud-Native Host-Based Intrusion Detection Solution Project To Provide Next-Generation Threat Detection And Behavior Audition With Modern Architecture


ByteDance-HIDS is a Cloud-Native Host-Based Intrusion Detection solution project to provide next-generation Threat Detection and Behavior Audition with modern architecture.

ByteDance-HIDS comprises three major components:

  • ByteDance-HIDS Agent, co-worked with ByteDance-HIDS Driver, is the game-changer for the Data Collection market. It works at both Kernel and User Space of Linux System, providing rich data flow with much better performance.
  • ByteDance-HIDS Server provides Service-Discovery for the production environment of up to millions of agents. The Server also supports primary data formatting along with rules distribution for the Agent.
  • ByteDance-HIDS HUB provides high-performance, lightweight, and stateless alert generation with data manipulation to analyze the rich data flow.

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