Brave browser will prevent websites from port scanning visitors


If you use Brave browser, then you’re shortly going to find you have a new string added to your security bow. Websites performing port scanning will now be automatically blocked beginning with version 1.54 of the browsing tool.

Port scanning, I hear you cry? Yes indeed. You may well not have even been aware that sites do such a thing. You may expect some antics related to cookies and perhaps the occasional tracking beacon, but port scanning?

Who is doing this and why?

Well, let’s start at the beginning with a rundown of what port scanning actually is. Port scanning involves scanning a computer network for open ports, which can then be exploited by individuals up to no good to gain unauthorised access or gather information about potential system vulnerabilities. It’s worth noting that scanning is not by default a malicious activity. For example, an organisation’s IT team may do this to ensure everything is working as expected and close any potential gaps which may have been missed.

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