Bitcoin Scammers Go Public With Tesco Twitter Hacking


Social media provides a cheap and easy way for brands to connect with thousands of their customers. Every day, thousands of consumers send questions or requests for support to brands using platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Large brands like Tesco even employ teams of people to manage these interactions. In between answering questions, they will run promotions, highlight special deals or share updates to ‘engage’ their followers.

Hackers love social media

Social media is a goldmine for hackers. Many people share too much information for instance, providing clues about their password, home address or even bank account – details that can be used by experienced cybercriminals to commit identity fraud, or to break into other online accounts.

Hacktivists, hackers who break into computer systems for political reasons, also like to target social media. Breaking into a high-profile account belonging to a celebrity or large company allows these people to highlight specific issues like climate change, or shady business practices. And because these accounts are followed by thousands of people, the message quickly spreads across social media.

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