Big bad decryption bug in OpenSSL – but no cause for alarm


The well-known and widely-used encryption library OpenSSL released a security patch earlier this week.

Annoyingly for those who like lean, modern, sans serif typefaces, the new version is OpenSSL 1.1.1l, which is tricky to interpret if you use a font in which upper case EYE, lower case ELL and the digit ONE look at all similar.

To spell it out phonetically, you’re after OpenSSL version ONE dot ONE dot ONE LIMA.

(At the time of writing, Naked Security’s official typeface is Flama, a Bauhaus-inspired font family derived from DIN 1451, which itself arose out of early 20th century German railway and road lettering styles. Our lower case ELLs have a neat looking rightwards curl at the bottom to improve their legibility, and ONEs get a classically European look with a crossbar at the bottom and a little leftward flick at the top. But not all typefaces are made that way.)

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