Best Ways to Remove Trojans, Malware and Viruses From Your Android Phone



According to MalwareBytes’s 2019 State of Malware Report, Trojans and crypto miners are the dominate malware threats of 2019. Android phones may get infected with malware less often than Windows computers, but that doesn’t mean they’re not vulnerable. With more consumers using mobile devices for more of their online activity, knowing how to remove Trojans and other malware from these devices is vital.

Thankfully, you don’t have to fall back on a factory reset as a first resort. It helps if you know what app or file download started your malware woes, but that knowledge isn’t strictly necessary, either. If you’re at least a little tech-savvy, you can remove infectious apps yourself. Keeping your OS up-to-date and using a quality Android antivirus app can prevent future infections.

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