Bbbe ransomware (virus) – Decryption Steps Included


Bbbe ransomware

When the Bbbe virus enters a computer, it can cause major issues. In addition to encoding data and creating files that control persistence for this threat actor’s purposes, ransomware causes pop-ups on screens in order to fake slowdowns of the system. Those windows might claim that OS is updating or show some program processes. It is there to scam people into thinking that performance issues caused by the encryption are related to normal ad common things.

Bbbe ransomware is a malicious program designed to encrypt[1] all personal data on the computer and then demand ransom for its return. Once inside the system, it encodes all personal pictures, videos, documents, archives, and other files by using a strong encryption algorithm, which also appends a .bbbe extension in the process. Victims can no longer open or see the contents of these files and the only provided option is to pay up.

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