Attackers leave organizations with no recovery option


Organizations of all sizes are increasingly falling victim to ransomware attacks and inadequately protecting against this rising cyberthreat, according to Veeam.

One in seven organizations will see almost all (>80%) data affected as a result of a ransomware attack – pointing to a significant gap in protection.

Attackers almost always target backups

Veeam found that attackers almost always (93%+) target backups during cyberattacks and are successful in debilitating their victims’ ability to recover in 75% of those events, reinforcing the criticality of immutability and air gapping to ensure backup repositories are protected.

“The report shows that today it’s not about IF your organization will be the target of a cyberattack, but how often. Although security and prevention remain important, it’s critical that every organization focuses on how rapidly they can recover by making their organization more resilient,” said Danny Allan, CTO at Veeam.

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