Apple Patches Tens of Code Execution Vulnerabilities in macOS


Updates released this week by Apple for its macOS operating systems patch a total of 59 vulnerabilities, including roughly 30 that could lead to the execution of arbitrary code.

An attacker able to exploit the most severe of these issues would execute code within the context of the application, with the same privileges as the current user. Some of the bugs, Apple explains in its advisory, could be exploited to execute code with system or kernel privileges.

macOS Big Sur 11.1, Security Update 2020-001 for Catalina, and Security Update 2020-007 for Mojave address flaws in components such as Audio, App Store, Bluetooth, CoreAudio, FontParser, Graphics Drivers, Kernel, ImageIO, Intel Graphics Driver, libxml2, Ruby, WebRTC, and Wi-Fi.

Components that were affected the most are ImageIO (eight flaws, six resulting in arbitrary code execution), FontParser (seven vulnerabilities, six leading to arbitrary code execution), and Kernel (seven bugs, three resulting in applications being able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges).

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