Apple Blocks GrayKey Passcode Cracking Tech With The Latest iOS 12 Update


GrayKey technology gained significant popularity, particularly among the security officials, owing to its exceptional feature of cracking iPhone passcodes. While it helped Police in unlocking criminals’ phones, it created trouble for the public as well. Hence, Apple decided to eliminate the trouble from the root. In June, Apple announced the launch of USB restricted mode with iOS 12 to mitigate the tool. Now, as revealed recently, Apple blocks GrayKey technology entirely with the iOS 12 update.

Apple Blocks GrayKey Passcode Hack Tool

After the exceptional efficiency of GrayKey for cracking iPhone passcodes became known, Apple stepped ahead to find out some mitigation for this tool. They introduced the USB restricted mode with the latest iOS 12. Yet, it wasn’t clear if the new feature has actually mitigated GrayKey. However, a few sources using the tool now confirm that the technology has failed cracking iOS passcodes lately. It seems the latest iOS 12 rolled out by Apple blocks GrayKey entirely.

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