AnywhereSearch browser hijacker (spam) – Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge


AnywhereSearch hijacker

AnywhereSearch is the potentially unwanted program or the specific type of browser-based threat. The app aims to expose users to third-party material and other related content, so the associates of this browser hijacker can collect views and visits on their sites. The program is designed to redirect users, so the default search engine, new, tab, new window, and other common browser settings get altered immediately upon the infiltration.

There are various misleading platforms and services that get used to distribute browser-based apps like this one. You might receive the PUA when allowing pre-packed bundles to get downloaded on the system. Unfortunately, in most cases, the initial installation of the potentially unwanted program happens while the user is browsing online and clicks on the insecure content or installs the dangerous material from the shady site or platform.

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