Android Pie introduces important security and privacy enhancements


The latest version of Google OS, Android Pie, implements significant enhancements for cybersecurity, including a stronger encryption and authentication.

Google experts worked on OS hardening and the implementation of anti-exploitation mechanisms with a great attention to the user privacy.

The tech giant updated the File-Based Encryption implementing the support for external storage media, it also included the metadata encryption with hardware support.

Android 9 also implements a new BiometricPrompt API, to have the biometric authentication dialogs that apps can display look the same.

Android 9 also comes with new protections for the Application Sandbox.

“New protections and test cases for the Application Sandbox help ensure all non-privileged apps targeting Android Pie (and all future releases of Android) run in stronger SELinux sandboxes.” reads a post written by
Vikrant Nanda and René Mayrhofer from Android Security & Privacy Team.

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