Alleged SIM swapping crypto-crooks cuffed, iOS app snooping, ad-fraud botnets, and more


All your extra bits and bytes of this week’s infosec news in less than 5 minutes

SIM cards with Europe map in background

Roundup Here’s a summary of more infosec news beyond what we’ve already reported this week – enjoy.

Beware of pretend Italian plumbers bearing gifts: Mario, the beloved video game plumber with a porn-star mustache, should be treated with caution, according to security shop Bromium. Well, at least images of him.

Engineer Matthew Rowen was investigating a Windows Trojan that has an unusual pattern of behavior. The malware’s PowerShell commands are hidden in a picture of Nintendo’s Mario, which is odd. What’s more interesting is that the code is programmed to only run when the infected machine is in Italy. Who’s writing this software nasty – Wario?

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