Ahead of the 2018 US midterm elections, sellers are flooding the cybercrime underground markets with data from voter databases.

From securityaffairs.co

Experts at cybersecurity company Carbon Black found tens of different state voter databases available for sale on the dark web.

“Carbon Black researchers found 20 different state voter databases available for purchase on the dark web, several from swing states.” reads the report published by Carbon Black.

“Critical information in these offerings included voter IDs, full names, current / previous addresses, genders, phone numbers and citizenship status, among other information.”

US midterm elections voter databases 2

The availability of such kind of data exposes voters to sophisticated identity theft. Experts discovered data related to more than 81,534,624 voters from 20 states. Most of the records belong to New York, 15 million voters, and Florida, 12.5 million, and are available for sale since September 1.

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