After NVIDIA, Samsung Are The Next Victims Of Data Theft


Samsung emerges as the latest victim of data theft. Reportedly, the same attackers who targeted NVIDIA now claimed to have stolen Samsung’s source code and other confidential information. Samsung Data Theft And Leak According to Bleeping Computer, the LAPSUS$ ransomware gang has recently shared teasers regarding the Samsung data theft. As reported, the threat actors have hinted at hacking Samsung’s network and stealing sensitive data. This claim arrived almost a week after the same hacking group targeted NVIDIA. Specifically, the hackers claimed to have stolen 190GB of confidential information, including Samsung’s source code for every Trusted Applet (TA) in Samsung’s TrustZone, bootloader, activation servers, and Samsung account authentication and authorizing APIs and servers. Besides these source codes, the stolen information also includes biometric unlock function algorithms and other confidential details. The attackers even shared screenshots of C/C++ directives in Samsung software to back their claim. Later, they dumped the data (divided into three separate files) on torrent. The hackers even pledged to add more servers to boost download speeds.

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