Adobe ColdFusion servers under attack from APT group



A nation-state cyber-espionage group is actively hacking into Adobe ColdFusion servers and planting backdoors for future operations, Volexity researchers have told ZDNet.

The attacks have been taking place since late September and have targeted ColdFusion servers that were not updated with security patches that Adobe released two weeks before, on September 11.

It appears that hackers studied Adobe’s September patches and figured out how to exploit CVE-2018-15961 to their advantage.

Classified as an “unauthenticated file upload,” this vulnerability allowed this APT group (APT stands for advanced persistent threat, another term used to describe nation-state cyber-espionage groups) to surreptitiously upload a version of the China Chopper backdoor on unpatched servers and take over the entire system.

Matthew Meltzer, a security analyst for Volexity, has told ZDNet that the core issue at the heart of this vulnerability is that Adobe had replaced the technology behind the native ColdFusion WYSIWYG editor from FCKEditor to CKEditor.

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