A proactive approach to cyber and physical security

From itp.net

In a recent survey conducted by Genetec, 36% of respondents globally said they were looking to invest in cybersecurity-related tools to improve their physical security environment in the next 12 months. In an industry where cybersecurity has not always been top of mind, the results of the survey demonstrate that respondents are starting to recognise that these cyber threats are real and their physical security systems are a potential platform for cyber-attacks.

IoT devices have improved security and monitoring in large, distributed spaces, benefitting organisations. By enabling the advancement of smarter cities, they are a crucial part of national agendas like Saudi Vision 2030 and UAE Vision 2031. However, connectivity, accessibility, mobility, and data sharing come with cybersecurity risks. Video surveillance cameras, access control readers, and alarm panels could provide entry points to access enterprise networks via physical security systems.

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