A new memory controller for Linux will save up to 42% RAM

From en.secnews.gr


An engineer of the group Linux of Facebook , the Roman Gushchin, has discovered a “serious flaw” in the way it operates the current memory controller in the Linux kernel. As I have said, the existing design of the core causes low use Slab and the reason behind this is that Slab pages are only used by a group cgroup of memory (control group).

For those not familiar, the Slab allocation in the case of the Linux kernel, refers to a memory management system that allocates memory at different objects of the core. The distribution of Slab is an efficient memory management system which has the primary job creates Slab cache. Slab A slab cache is a list that are interconnected with each Slab representing a number of objects. Additionally, the cgroup or the control group, is a feature of the Linux kernel that organizes the processes in a hierarchical manner.

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