A large chunk of Ethereum clients remain unpatched

From zdnet.com

The Ethereum ecosystem is no different than the Windows or IoT landscape, where security flaws remain unpatched for long periods of time, despite the availability of public patches.

In a report shared with ZDNet today, security researchers from SRLabs revealed that a large chunk of the Ethereum client software that runs on Ethereum nodes has not yet received a patch for a critical security flaw the company discovered earlier this year.

“According to our collected data, only two thirds of nodes have been patched so far,” said Karsten Nohl, one of the researchers.


The vulnerability is a denial of service (DoS) vulnerability in the Parity client that can be used to run Ethereum nodes. Per SRLabs, the vulnerability allows an attacker to remotely crash Ethereum nodes (that run Parity) by sending malformed packets.

Ethereum DoS flaw
Image: SRLabs

The issue was fixed with the release of the Parity Ethereum client v2.2.10, in mid-February this year, a few days after it was reported.

While most DoS flaws are considered “low impact” for most products, this is not the case in the cryptocurrency world.

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