A deep dive into .NET malware obfuscators:Part 1

From any.run

As a preface 

In the modern world, it is rare to encounter purely clean malware during analysis. Malware code is commonly modified to hinder researchers from analyzing and decompiling it. 

Software that alters code to hinder analysis is known as obfuscators. Some are designed to mutate machine code, targeting malware primarily developed using C/Asm/Rust, while others modify IL (Intermediate Language) code generated by .NET compilers. 

This series of articles will delve into modern techniques employed by obfuscators like .NET Reactor and SmartAssembly, which are widely favored by malware creators. We will acquaint ourselves with deobfuscation methods and attempt to either develop our own deobfuscators or adapt existing ones. We will also explore tools designed to counter them if any. 

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