9N3PDyZzakoH7W6n8ZrjGDDktjh8iWFG6eKRvi3kvpQ malware

From 2-spyware.com


If 89N3PDyZzakoH7W6n8ZrjGDDktjh8iWFG6eKRvi3kvpQ is the string that appears every time you copy and paste any text, you are affected by a malicious program. It changes the clipboard data so that the output would be the string of numbers and letters which is a cryptocurrency wallet address.

More sophisticated clipboard hijackers can detect when a user is performing a cryptocurrency transaction and change the address into its own seamlessly. In this case, a user would be sending his cryptocurrency to crooks instead of his own wallet. Because this is a simple version of a clipper-type malware, users can notice that something is wrong pretty quickly as the copied text changes no matter if it is a URL or an article.

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