7 warning signs of an insider threat

From csoonline.com

Employees conducting attacks on their own employees – known as insider threats – are becoming increasingly common and costly. According to a CA report, over 50 percent of organizations suffered an insider threat-based attack in the previous 12 months, while a quarter say they are suffering attacks more frequently than in the previous year. Ninety percent of those organizations claimed to feel vulnerable to insider threats.

Insider threats can take the form of the accidental insider who inadvertently leaks information, the imposter who is really an outsider using stolen credentials, or the malicious insider to wants revenge or money. While spotting internal threats can be difficult, there are warning signs that can alert the organization of a potential incident before it occurs and data has left the boundaries of the network.

These attacks can be costly. According to Ponemon, a successful malicious insider attack costs an average of $600,000. These attacks can come in all shapes and sizes, from all classes of employees.

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