5G IoT security: Opportunity comes with risks

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Opportunity comes with risks

“Without a doubt 5G opens up a whole new world of opportunities for services that take advantage of the higher speeds and lower latencies that 5G will offer. However, as with most significant technology advances there are risks, to users and network operators alike,” Darren Anstee, CTO for Security at NETSCOUT, told Help Net Security.

“For the network operators, the 5G architectures of tomorrow will be complex; the Multi-Access Edge Computing needed to support new services will open up mobile infrastructure to a broader range of vendors, and the infrastructure that supports the service ‘slices’ will be virtualized or containerized, and orchestrated. The complexity of the control-plane to manage services and end-point connectivity also increases, and with all of this complexity comes the potential for security issues – either from compromised or poorly behaving devices and applications.

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