5 Things You Can Do After a Data Breach to Help Mitigate Cost

From securityintelligence.com

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Protecting against a data breach is increasingly a complex problem for organizations — and the average cost of a data breach continues to rise, up to an average of $3.92 million in 2019 for those surveyed, according to the most recent “Cost of a Data Breach Report,” conducted by the Ponemon Institute on behalf of IBM Security. Although protection is an essential part of cybersecurity, the odds of a breach are also rising. This can put pressure on security teams to have a plan to respond to what seems like an inevitability: that a breach will occur.

Despite the obvious concern organizations may have about these trends, among the more encouraging findings from the “Cost of a Data Breach Report” is the effectiveness of incident response in mitigating data breach costs. What you do after a cyber incident can really make a difference in the cost.

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