5 Steps to Improving Ransomware Resiliency

From threatpost.com

The ransomware landscape is evolving, and ransomware is now one of the most popular (for cybercriminals) and damaging types of malwares. The JBS, Colonial Pipeline and Kaseya attacks are the recent high-profile examples of the impact of ransomware and the monumental consequences it can have: Shifts in the market, impact on infrastructure and even leading to action at the highest levels of government.

In the wake of these attacks and other events like the SolarWinds attack, the executive branch has taken action in the form of an executive order (EO), which covers several cybersecurity concepts. This order encourages private sector companies to follow the Federal government’s lead to help minimize the impact of future incidents.

There are several different concepts outlined in the EO, so to help organizations get started, I’ve outlined some of the key concepts that organizations should be paying attention to now and offer a few tips on how you can start implementing these strategies today.

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