40+ Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Statistics to Know in 2024

From resmo.com

MFA is about verifying who you are in more ways than one, making it tougher for unauthorized users to gain access to sensitive information. It’s a critical tool in the arsenal of identity and access management, ensuring that a simple username and password aren’t the only gates guarding your digital accounts.

When you log in, MFA might ask for something more – a code from an app, an answer to a personal question, or even a quick biometric check like a fingerprint or facial scan. While a savvy hacker might guess or steal a password, replicating your biometrics or snagging a one-time code is a much taller order. 

By adding these extra verification steps, MFA goes a long way in preventing unwanted access, safeguarding against data breaches, account takeovers, and a host of other digital threats.

To help you understand the impact and importance of MFA, we’ve gathered a range of recent statistics. Let’s dive in!

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