2022 Dark Web Hacked Social Media Prices and Trends

From whizcase.com

Social media and entertainment accounts sold illegally are now carving out their niche in Dark Web marketplaces.

In a recent report, trends and prices of illegally sold hacked social media and entertainment accounts were collected and studied. Here are some key highlights:

  • You can buy ALL hacked social media accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, Reddit) for $127.
  • Access to all entertainment service accounts annually costs  $100 (Apple Music, Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, Hulu, Twitch, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, SoundCloud).
  • Hacked communication and live chat tools cost $93.
  • LinkedIn and Gmail are the most expensive accounts. Both cost $45. 
  • Lots of hacked accounts are sold under $10 – TikTok $8, Skype $8, Telegram $6, Signal $6, Amazon Prime $9. 
  • Most of these are obtained from social engineering or phishing campaigns after hackers have compromised users’ email addresses used at registration.

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