2 scraped LinkedIn databases with 500m and 827m records sold online

From hackread.com

2 scrapped LinkedIn databases with 500m records each sold online

Although, none of the databases contain LinkedIn users’ passwords; the data in the records is enough for cybercriminals to carry out a number of attacks including SIM Swapping, identity scams, phishing, and SMSishing, etc.

Just last week, a hacker leaked over 533 million Facebook users’ data that was collected from the social media giant using the web data scraping technique. Now, two different threat actors are selling LinkedIn data compiled as a result of data scraping as well.

It is worth noting that both databases are being sold on the same hacker forum. One of the sellers is offering 7 LinkedIn databases which, when merged together, makes 827 million users’ records. The price for all databases together is $7,000.

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