2 Million Wi-Fi Passwords Leaked Through Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder App

From gbhackers.com

Wi-Fi Passwords

A Wi-Fi hotspot app exposed more than two million Wi-Fi network passwords from its unprotected database.

The app named WiFi Finder, downloaded by thousands of users to locate and connect with Wi-Fi hotspots, the app also stores Wi-Fi password and credentials.

“It allows users to gain unauthorized access to public and private Wi-Fi networks, allowing network owners to offer their Wi-Fi credentials for public connections without prompting them for permission.”

According to Techcrunch, the app database leaked more than two million network passwords from its unprotected database.

The records containing the Wi-Fi network name, geolocation, BSSID and the passwords that are stored in plain text. The database was open to anyone, allowing to access the contents and to download in bulk.

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