OpenSSL 3.2 Release Candidate


The OpenSSL Project is excited to announce our first beta release of OpenSSL 3.2. We consider this to be a release candidate and as such encourage all OpenSSL users to build and test against this beta release and provide feedback.

The code for OpenSSL 3.2 is now functionally complete and at the time of the beta release there were no outstanding known regressions that need to be fixed before the final release. A lot of work has been going on over the last few months getting OpenSSL 3.2 ready for its final release and we want to send thanks to everyone who has helped us.

Our plans for issuing the final release have been postponed. We now plan to release by the end of November 2023. Following this, we will transition to a time-based release schedule on a 6-month cadence, with regular feature releases in October and April each year.

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