(ISC)² Secure Summit EMEA will welcome hundreds of the best minds in cybersecurity

From helpnetsecurity.com

This year’s (ISC)² Secure Summit EMEA will take place in The Hague in April. In order to find out what elements set this event apart from other cybersecurity events, we sat down with Mary-Jo de Leeuw, Director of Cybersecurity Advocacy, EMEA at (ISC)².

How has the fast-paced threat landscape influenced the program of this year’s (ISC)² Secure Summit EMEA event?

The rapid pace of change has been fundamental in forming the agenda for this year’s summit. We’ve brought together speakers from a wide range of cybersecurity backgrounds, as well as broader IT security experts and wider business and inspirational speakers to create a programme that is thought-provoking, highly educational and directly addresses the issues keeping cybersecurity professionals under pressure. Whether your challenge is data privacy, cloud security, dealing with experiments in blockchain, incident response, data forensics, encryption, vulnerability management or building a better defensive strategy, the agenda has a lot of topical content and experts to interact with.

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