Hackers Actively Exploited A Critical Chrome 0-Day Vulnerability In Wide – Update Your Chrome Now!!

From gbhackers.com

Chrome 0-day

Recently, to fix four new vulnerabilities Google updated its Chrome browser to the new version, “91.0.4472.114.” Among those four vulnerabilities, the security experts identified a critical 0-day vulnerability that is being exploited widely by hackers.

The security researchers have marked the 0-day flaw as CVE-2021-30554, and this is the second Chrome 0-day flaw that is patched by Google this month, while this year it’s the seventh one that’s being exploited before patching.

While this Chrome 0-Day vulnerability CVE-2021-30554 was actually reported by an anonymous user, and that’s why the bug reward for this bug also remains undisclosed.

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