FBI warns of crooks targeting online shoppers during the holiday season

From securityaffairs.co

The FBI warns of cyber criminals targeting online shoppers during the holiday season. In this period netizens hope to take advantage of online bargains and are more active online, for this reason they are more exposed to the risk of scams.

The feds estimated that online shoppers could lose more than $53 million during this year’s holiday season to scams offering bargains and gifts that are hard to find due to merchandise shortages.

“During the 2020 holiday shopping season, the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received over 17,000 complaints regarding the non-delivery of goods, resulting in losses over $53 million,” reads a public service announcement published by the FBI. “It is anticipated this number could increase during the 2021 holiday season due to rumors of merchandise shortages and the ongoing pandemic.”

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