Clubhouse chats streamed to third‑party website


Clubhouse, the social media platform du jour, has experienced a data incident as an unidentified user found a way to stream audio feeds from the app’s chat rooms to a third-party website.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Clubhouse spokeswoman Reema Bahnasy confirmed that over the weekend a user was able to pull audio feeds from “multiple rooms” and made them available on their own website. The user was then “permanently banned” and the social media platform went on to add new “safeguards” to prevent the situation from occurring again.

The apparent audio spillage comes on the heels of a report earlier this month, which led to concerns over the platform’s data practices. Following the report, which was drafted by the Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO), Clubhouse has sought to assuage the concerns by committing to taking steps to ensure user privacy.

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