15 Schools in The UK Were Compromised due to Cyber Attack

From ehackingnews.com

Fifteen schools in the UK were unable to offer online learning as a result of cyberattacks. The schools affected by the cyberattack are located in Nottinghamshire and are part of the Nova Education Trust co-operative. 
On Wednesday, some of the schools announced problems via social media with the need to suspend the IT networks due to the cyber attack, according to the local publication, Nottinghamshire Live. On Wednesday morning, the attack was first discovered – causing the trust to turn off every device as a manner of caution. They added that the central IT team continues to investigate the possible consequences of the attack. The Nova Education Trust stated that a perpetrator of danger was able to reach the central network infrastructure of the organization and all telephone, e-mail, and website communications had to be removed during an inspection. 

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