SSD released that claims to have built-in ransomware prevention


A security company is claiming to have developed a flash drive with built-in ransomware prevention support that can protect any data stored on it against being stolen or encrypted by malware.

The Cigent Secure SSD+ has an on-board processor that uses machine learning algorithms to constantly monitor disk accesses and will step in to block access if it detects ransomware activity, we’re told.

Cigent also claims this differs from existing approaches to combating ransomware by providing organizations with a preventative solution rather than tackling an attack that has already happened.

“Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) products rely on ‘detecting and responding’ after an attack has already occurred,” the company’s Chief Revenue Officer Tom Ricoy said in a statement.

By contrast, he claimed, “Cigent has put automated attack prevention as close to the data as possible – in the storage itself – where it can consistently prevent attackers from ransoming files, even if EDR has been circumvented.”

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